About Veronica Monique

About Veronica MoniqueVeronica Monique is an SEO Writer, Word Warrior, Coffee Lover, Ravenous Reader, Practitioner of the Mommy Way , and Knower of Unusual Things.  Much of what she writes would fall in one of these categories, which break down as such:

SEO Writer: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing focuses on keyword rich articles, blog posts, and website content to increase traffic directed by search engines.  Much of this writing tends to be well-researched, fact-based, informative or technical writing.  Topics vary and are largely dictated by client demand.

Word Warrior: This is the journey of a writer striving for recognition.  It requires training and discipline.  There are many tests, successes, and failures.  The dream becomes a goal achieved through commitment and dedication. Some of her creative writings can be found at Blood and Candlelight where she writes as V.

Coffee Lover: Coffee is a beverage to be enjoyed with friends.  It is the metaphorical commonality that attracts people to one another.  A Coffee Lover is one who appreciates what life has to offer.

Ravenous Reader: She reads on average a book a week in addition to what she reads while researching various topics. She does book reviews on occasion here if they relate to topics here, or you can find her at Dark Jane Austen Book Club where she talks nothing but books.

Practioner of the Mommy Way: Being a mother is no easy task.  Merely being female does not prepare you for motherhood.  Many experiences are unique, not covered in any manual, and should be shared to help other women see that there is no one right way to be the perfect mom. This is the intent of my sharing The Mommy Way.

Knower of Unusual Things: This covers quirky interests, odd habits, and over-thinking things.

Armed with a BA in Psychology with a minor in English, ten years experience working with troubled teens as a counselor, teacher and tutor, and an insatiable desire to write, Veronica Monique is a woman of a different perspective.