How the New Becomes Old

Life Without a BabysitterThis is how the new becomes old for kids, or at least mine.  I’m sure any parent has seen the process or some variation of it.

Stage 1: It’s New!

This is where the kid figures out a new trick, flavor, toy, movie, etc.  It is fabulous and they must tell the world about it.  And I assure you it–whatever it is–is the best in the whole wide universe and beyond.

Stage 2: Loving It!

This is the stage where the it must be loved, excessively and repeatedly.  If it’s a new trick then mommy and daddy must watch it 50 gajillion times.  If it’s a new flavor, it’s all the kid wants to eat for a week, maybe longer.  If it’s a toy, then no one else may touch it and they play with it non stop.  If it’s a movie there will be no other movie watching in the house unless it is this movie.  You get the point.  This stage can last anywhere from a week to a month–or longer for reasons I have never been able to figure out.

Stage 3: That’s Boring.

This is the stage where the once essential it begins to lose it’s appeal.  It is still a part of the do-eat-play-watch repertoire, but it is now joining the ranks of other things, which can be claimed as boring even while in use.  It is now old.

As I said, this process has some variation and old things don’t necessarily become hated things, they simply lose their obsessive appeal.  As a parent this is both fascinating and annoying.  I love watching their faces light up when things are new, but detest it when things become boring because then a have no clue what to suggest they do so I can have two minutes of thinking time (read: go to the bathroom without followers).

How does the process work in your house, with your kids?  Do you find yourself going through this process?


*Photo: My son and daughter.  Photo also featured in my post Life Without a Babysitter.

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