Veronica Monique

My Dream, My Goal

My name is Veronica Monique.† Welcome to my foray into blogging as I explore a new avenue to becoming a writer.† Technically the very act of writing makes me a writer, but Iíd like to be recognized as a writer.† Iím hoping to some day publish a novel, but that is a long road filled with rejection so in the mean time Iíll be improving my skills through blogging.† Iíve been writing since middle school, and even got involved in journalism in high school.† Most of my writing has been purely for my own amusement, though I have published some short stories and poetry in publications so small that if I didnít have a copy Iím not sure one would still exist.† Until now my writing has also been on the back burner as I worked, got married and became a motherósometimes life prioritizes for us.

A Peek At My Character

When I graduated from Peace College in May 1999 with a BA in Psychology I was ready and eager to dive into the world.† I had a job as a residential counselor at an outdoor treatment facility that I had lined up two months prior to graduation that would begin promptly two weeks after graduation.† I was full of ideas and energy.† I quickly learned that I had a lot to learn, but even that I was eager for.† I made it through my first thirty days surprising everyone, including myself.

I had just completed my training and was a full-fledged counselor.† The day began mundane as any good day with the group on time and cleaning the lodge after breakfast.† My co-counselor had gone to take a break since I was scheduled to go off shift that day.† It seemed like good timing, and we both felt good about how the girls in our group were working that day.† As I supervised and helped out I noticed one girlówho happened to be built more like a football player than a petite teenage girlóbacking away from everyone, looking around frantically.† I tried talking to her, and was completely unprepared for what happened next.

She grabbed the group totemóa walking staff symbolizing group prideóand broke out three windows before charging at another resident and our very pregnant program director.† Being the only other staff in the room I did the only thing I could.† I got in her way, and grabbed on to the totem.† That girl swung me around like a rag doll, my legs knocking over the beverage table.† I did not let go of the totem, and she did not get by me.† Thankfully backup arrived, and we got the situation under control.† The girl was transferred to a hospital and I went off shift.† My truly character defining moment came three days later when I reported for my next shift ready for the challenges to come.

Pursuit of Passion

Due to changes in the mental health system, and the selling of the company for which I had worked ten years, life has re-prioritized giving me an opportunity.† The road I traveled has not dead-ended, but has taken me to a crossroad.† So here I am, choosing to pursue my true passion.† This is my journey as a writer.† I donít expect it to be easy; in fact, I expect it to be the hardest pursuit imaginable.† To reach my goal Iím putting my dream on the line.† I expect to get slapped down and kicked around, but as thatís nothing new for me you can bet Iíll be right back at it once I pick myself up.